valentine's day restaurant specials

Valentine's Day Restaurant Specials

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Chili's and Valentine's Day | The Perfect Pair

Valentine's Day is the sink-or-swim holiday of the year. Bring too little effort, and you're in the doghouse. Go out for a pricey meal with menu items you can't pronounce, and you never know what impression you'll make.

At Chili's, you can split the difference with our Valentine’s Day restaurant specials. A tasty menu with your Tex Mex favorites, ribs, and world-famous margaritas will have sparks flying. Not even Cupid himself could imagine such a hot meal for two lovebirds. We're not saying Chili's food is an aphrodisiac, but we aren't denying it. Stop by your local Chili’s on February 14th for Valentine’s Day dinner specials.