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My Chili's + Plenti

What is Plenti?

Plenti is the rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another, all with a single account! Earn Plenti points on eligible purchases at Chili's and all other Plenti partners including AT&T, Exxon, Macys, Mobil, Nationwide, and Rite Aid.

Plenti brings together great businesses to give you savings and convenience - no more keeping track of different kinds of rewards programs. With Plenti, you can now earn points fast and use them for savings when you pay at Chili’s and certain other Plenti partners. All that, and it's free to join.

Is Plenti replacing My Chili's Rewards?

Not at all, if anything it just got better! If you are an existing My Chili’s Rewards member, you have until 12/31/16 to use your points, and you will continue to get the great Chili’s bonus offers including your birthday reward, free menu items and more! Plus, if you join My Chili’s + Plenti, you’ll have the added benefit of earning and using Plenti points for savings at Chili’s and certain other Plenti partners. Points add up fast at Chili’s and other partners, and 200 Plenti points is worth at least $2.00 in savings at Chili’s!

I am currently a My Chili’s Rewards member. Will I automatically become enrolled in My Chili’s + Plenti?

No—but don’t worry, joining My Chili’s + Plenti is easy! All current My Chili’s Rewards members will need to sign up for the My Chili’s + Plenti program so they can earn Plenti points (while still enjoying all other My Chili’s benefits) on eligible purchases at Chili’s and other Plenti partners. For a limited time only, link your account to Plenti and receive a surprise on us! Give us up to 72 hours to confirm you’re fully linked and get a reward over to you. But hurry! You don’t want to miss out on the surprise, or on earning Plenti points!

So how do I sign up for My Chili’s + Plenti?

Let's just say it's way easier than enrolling in a 401k. You simply visit a participating Chili's and join for free using the Ziosk on your table, or you can use the Chili’s mobile app, or visit us at

When can I expect to receive my Plenti card after signing up at Chili’s?

Your new Plenti card should arrive in the mail within 10-14 business days. Can’t wait that long? You can also access your virtual card on the Plenti mobile app. And if you signed up through Chili’s, you can leave your Plenti card at home and will only need your My Chili’s + Plenti phone number to login on Ziosk to earn and use Chili’s rewards and Plenti points!

I already have a Plenti card, what now?

Lucky you—you’re already halfway there! Just link your Plenti card number to your My Chili’s account using the Ziosk on your table, or you can use the Chili’s mobile app, or visit us at Easy peasy!

My Chili's + Plenti: Earning Points

How do I earn Plenti points at Chili’s?

After you’ve linked your My Chili’s account with your Plenti card, just enter your phone number on your table’s Ziosk on every visit. After that, there's no complicated math – earn 1 Plenti point for each $2 spent on eligible food items and non-alcoholic beverages.

Give the points about 48 hours after your visit to make their appearance in your account. Sometimes they'll come sooner - because those points are awesome like that. Everything is fair game for earning points with the exception of alcoholic beverages, gift card purchases, donations, tax and gratuity.

What if I’m a Plenti member and haven’t linked my account to My Chili’s?

The easiest way to earn Plenti points at Chili’s is to link your account – BUT, you can still earn Plenti points at Chili’s by entering your Plenti card number or phone number when you’re paying your check on Ziosk.

Can I earn Plenti points if I’m an existing My Chili’s Rewards member?

You will continue to receive your great My Chili’s offers, but you’ll need to join Plenti or link your My Chili’s account to your Plenti card to be eligible to earn and use Plenti points at Chili’s. And with so many ways to earn points and save, why wouldn’t you?!

Can I earn Plenti points on delivery and to-go orders, too?

Absolutely! You’ll earn Plenti points on any qualifying purchases at participating Chili’s when you dine-in at the restaurant, place to-go orders, or order Chili’s delivery. Just make sure you give the phone number associated with your Plenti account when calling or placing the order online.

I forgot to log in at the restaurant, but I have my receipt. Can I still claim my Plenti points?

Definitely! As long as you are a My Chili’s + Plenti member, you can head to or open your Chili’s mobile app and find the “missing points” button. Enter in four easy-to-find pieces of info from your receipt and we’ll look up your visit and submit the points on your behalf. We’ll send you an email once we submit the points or if we have an issue locating your check. This can take a couple of days to complete, but the points are totally worth the wait! Remember, if you need to claim missing points, do it right away. Visits prior to November 14, 2016 are not eligible for Plenti points.

I have over 100K Plenti points, but I can’t see my Plenti point balance on the Ziosk. Help!

First of all… WOW! Props to you for earning so many points (ahem, isn’t it time to burn them?). Currently, the Ziosk doesn’t accommodate Plenti point balances over 100K. To view your latest balance, please visit

How do I claim missing points if I’m only a Plenti member and not a My Chili’s + Plenti member?

Join My Chili’s + Plenti at any time for the added benefit of claiming points online! Or, you can also contact the Plenti call center to claim them at 855-PLENTI1 (7536841), Monday-Sunday 9AM-9PM EST (closed on public holidays).

How can I earn more My Chili’s + Plenti points and perks?

Chili’s bonus offers are a fast way to earn extra Chili’s perks. Check your account on Ziosk or in the Chili’s mobile app or website to see what My Chili’s bonus offers you have. You can also access Plenti-specific offers on or in the Plenti mobile app to earn extra Plenti points! Activate and complete your offers, and reap the sweet, sweet rewards.

Where are my Chili’s bonus offers (my birthday dessert, digital coupons, etc.)?

If you don't have any bonus offers in your account, make sure you are checking your email to claim them. As a reminder, you must click on the activate/claim button in the email or the offer won’t show in your account. Don't have any to claim? No worries—we're just looking for the next best one to serve you.

Is there a limit to the amount of Plenti points I can earn?

Well, that wouldn't be any fun, would it? Earn as many points as your heart desires —there's no limit with My Chili's + Plenti.

Where did My Chili’s Rewards points go?

As of 11/14, My Chili’s Rewards members need at least 100 My Chili’s Rewards points to redeem for a free item. As such, members with less than 100 points as of 11/14 cannot reach the minimum reward threshold and their points were expired. These members received an e-mail on 11/14 detailing the change, and it contained a limited time offer. Remember: as part of the Plenti transition, you will no longer be able to earn My Chili’s Rewards points, but you will begin earning Plenti points for dollars off your check when you link your accounts.

My Chili's + Plenti: Redemption

What type of rewards can I gain from the My Chili’s + Plenti program?

If you crave it, you can probably earn it. In addition to earning Plenti points, we’ll put special offers and rewards in your My Chili’s account like FREE appetizers, desserts, kids meals, non-alcoholic beverages, and more! Be sure to check your rewards dashboard to see what rewards you have to claim.

How do I use My Chili’s + Plenti rewards?

Using My Chili’s + Plenti for perks and savings (like your birthday dessert, digital coupons, free menu items and more) is fun and easy!

For our My Chili’s first-timers: It's easiest using the Ziosk - when you're ready to pay, simply log in, pick your rewards and enter your 4-digit PIN and like magic, it'll be credited to your check.

If you're using the Chili’s mobile app, you'll get a barcode after selecting and confirming your reward. Scan that barcode on the Ziosk at your table to have your reward credited to your check. If you’re on the Chili’s website, please print your offer the day of your visit and bring it with you to the restaurant!

How do I redeem My Chili’s + Plenti rewards for to-go orders?

Redeeming for perks and savings in to-go is just as easy! When placing your order on the Chili’s website or Chili’s mobile app – simply log in, place your order and apply your reward at checkout. For phone or walk-in orders, just pull up your barcode on the mobile app and hand it over to the to-go specialist when picking up your order. No smartphone? No problem. Get your My Chili’s rewards barcode at and please print the barcode the day of your visit and bring it with you to the restaurant!

How do I use Plenti points at Chili’s?

Once you have joined My Chili’s + Plenti and you have a balance of at least 200 points, you can use Plenti points at participating Chili’s for savings on your check. For dine-in, use points by logging in to My Chili’s + Plenti or by entering your Plenti phone number or card number when paying on Ziosk.200 points is worth at least $2.00 in savings at Chili’s… It’s that easy!

Can I use Plenti points for Chili’s to go orders, too?

Yes, you can! Just place your order online on the Chili’s website or Chili’s mobile app and apply your Plenti points during checkout. Remember, you can’t apply Plenti points to phone or walk-in orders so be sure to place your to go order through the web if you want to apply points.

Is there a limit to the amount of rewards or Plenti points I can redeem?

Well, that wouldn't be any fun. Redeem as many FREE items or Plenti points (up to the nearest dollar) as you have in your account.

Can I combine My Chili’s coupons or rewards when using Plenti points?

You can! With My Chili’s + Plenti, you can earn and use Plenti points, as well as redeem any My Chili’s coupon or reward that you have in your account. Talk about saving!

My Chili's + Plenti: Account Information

Where can I see my Plenti points balance?

There are a few places where you’ll be able to see the points you’ve racked up!

You can view your Plenti points balance on, on Ziosk or in the Chili’s mobile app if you link your Plenti card to your My Chili’s account.

You can also see your points balance on or the Plenti mobile app if you have registered your Plenti card.

I forgot My Chili’s account password. What do I do?

Go to and click on the “Forgot your password?” link. An email will be sent to the most current email address that we have on file for you. In that email is a link you will click to reset your password. That link is only good for 24 hours for security reasons, so if you check it after 24 hours you’ll need to request another link to be sent to you.

What if I forgot my PIN?

Once you've made it to the "Enter PIN to redeem" screen on the Ziosk, click on “Forgot PIN?”

If you’re a My Chili’s + Plenti member—You'll be able to have your Plenti PIN sent to the email address associated with your Plenti account. If you still are unable to access, please contact the Plenti call center to reset your PIN at 855-PLENTI1 (7536841), Monday-Sunday 9AM-9PM EST (closed on public holidays). Remember, your Plenti PIN will be used for redeeming any My Chili’s + Plenti perks and points.

If you’re not a Plenti member, but have a My Chili’s account—You’ll have the option to have your PIN sent to the email address associated with your account or through a text message. If your account has been locked due to several incorrect PIN attempts through Ziosk, you can unlock it just by logging into your account on your phone or computer.

Do Plenti points ever expire?

Another great enhancement to the My Chili’s + Plenti program is Plenti points stay active until they turn toddler (two years)!

Do the My Chili’s rewards or perks in my account ever expire?

Most rewards are offered for a limited time only. To make the most of your rewards, be sure you check the expiration details on each offer.

Where can I update My Chili’s + Plenti account information?

All this is available right in your profile located in the Chili’s mobile app or at If you need to update only your Plenti information, head on over to or download the Plenti mobile app.

What are the My Chili's + Plenti program Terms & Conditions?

The My Chili's + Plenti terms and conditions restate a lot of what we say here, but in a more formal language that our lawyers speak way better than us. If you're fluent in legal talk, visit

Have more questions about Plenti?

Please visit


Does the rewards program replace the e-club?

Yes, and boy will you be excited about the change! My Chili's Rewards lets you earn the free menu items YOU want, any time YOU want. That’s why it’s YOUR Chili's Rewards. That sure beats those old coupons!

If I’m in the e-club am I automatically in the rewards program?

Since you have to set a secret PIN for redeeming you rewards, we can’t automatically switch your account over

What happens to my e-club account if I never join My Chili's Rewards?

You’d miss out on all the deals, all the rewards, all the specials. So if you really enjoy getting your favorites at Chili's for free, we’d urge you to go ahead and sign up now at


Birthdays at Chili's

Most Chili's offer a complimentary birthday dessert and a birthday song if requested; however, each location handles birthday celebrations differently. For specifics, contact your local restaurant and speak to the manager on duty. The best time to speak to a manager is between the hours of 2:00 p.m. through 5:00 p.m.

Catering / Delivery

Many locations offer catering/delivery. Please check with your local Chili's to see if delivery is available.

Charitable Request Guidelines

Please visit parent company Brinker International’s website at


Please click here​ for information about hourly and salaried positions available at individual restaurants as well as the Restaurant Support Center.

Fundraising Opportunities

Participation in any fundraising event is up to each individual restaurant location. For more information, please contact the restaurant and ask to speak to the manager on duty. The best time to contact the manager is between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Happy Hour Specials

Happy Hour Specials vary by location/region. Please contact your local Chili's for specific information.

Hours of Operation / Restaurant Contact Information

Restaurant hours vary by location. To check the hours for your local Chili's, go to the “Locations” tab and enter your zip code. The locations closest to you will be displayed. Click on “More Information” by the Chili's you select to see the hours of operation and contact information.


  • Future Openings - To check on the opening date of a Chili's under construction, please contact Guest Relations by using the form below.
  • Real Estate – Brokers, agents, etc. who have inquiries regarding potential or available sites may call the real estate department directly at 972-770-9571.
  • Suggest a Chili's be built in your area – We welcome your location suggestions. Please contact Guest Relations by using the form below.

Mystery / Secret Shoppers

We do not utilize restaurant evaluators or mystery/secret shoppers. We invite our guests to complete a survey at the time of their visit via our Ziosk device at the table so they can provide immediate feedback.

Reservations / Call Ahead Seating

While Chili's does not accept reservations, we encourage our guests to take advantage of our call-ahead seating option during busy dining times, such as weekends. Calling ahead will put your name at the top of the wait list once you arrive and help us seat you faster.

Senior Citizen / Military / Uniformed Officer Discounts

There is not a single brand-wide policy regarding these discounts; offers vary by location. Please contact the restaurant directly for information on its individual senior citizen, military and/or uniformed officer discounts.

Smoking Sections / Electronic Cigarettes

Each Chili's restaurant adheres to local city ordinances regarding smoking, so policies will differ from location to location depending on the city zoning laws. Vapor and electronic cigarettes are only permitted in the smoking areas of restaurants where city ordinance permits smoking in public places.

Suppliers / Vendors

If you are interested in becoming a new supplier/vendor, please visit​ or email us at

Gift Cards

Locations Accepting Gift Cards

You can enjoy our gift cards in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and American military bases in Japan and Germany.

Balance Inquiries

Call the phone number on the back of your gift card (888-532-6092) to check your balance.

Exchanges or Refunds

All gift card sales are final.


As a policy, Brinker issues gift cards that are not subject to service fees or escheatment (unclaimed property) laws. However, depending on the seller, our gift cards may be impacted by unclaimed property laws, therefore they do not expire.


You may obtain the transaction history on your gift card if it still has an available balance by calling the number on the back of your gift card (888-532-6092). If your gift card has a zero balance, contact our Guest Relations department using the form below for assistance.

Inactive Gift Cards

If your gift card is inactive, an error was made at the point of sale. Brinker Int’l/Chili's requires a purchase receipt in order to activate gift cards.

Lost / Stolen Gift Cards

Please contact the Guest Relations department using the form below for assistance.

Online Gift Card Purchases

You can purchase plastic or electronic gift cards online by clicking here​.

Service Fees

Gift cards purchased after March 2005 do not incur service fees.​

Holidays & Special Events

Holiday Closings

Chili's restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Please contact the local restaurant for Christmas Eve hours as they may vary by location. Our restaurants will be open on New Year’s Day.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Chili's

Since 2002, Chili's guests and team members have supported the lifesaving work of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, raising more than $50 million for the hospital to date. The St. Jude / Chili's partnership continues today through ongoing fundraising efforts in our restaurants. Be sure to check with your local restaurant to see how you can get involved!​

Veteran’s Day Offer

We look forward to honoring our Veterans again this year. Event date, menu information and ID requirements will be posted each October.


Brinker International’s goal is to Make People Feel Special, and one of the ways we strive to accomplish that is through giving back. We are a global business, but our heart is rooted in the communities we serve. Giving back to those communities is one of Brinker’s core values. Besides the monetary contributions we make to 501c(3) organizations, our Team Members contribute thousands of hours of volunteer time. Our main areas of giving are health, social services, arts and education, and diversity.​​

Employee Inquiries

Employee Relations Hotline

Please call 888-224-7484.

Payroll Information

You may contact a Payroll Associate directly at 972-770-9094 or phone Brinker International at 972-980-9917 and ask to be transferred to the Payroll Department.

W-2 Information

Please contact 1-866-4W2-COPY (1-866-492-2679), call the Payroll Department at 972-770-9094, or email

Contact Us

If you haven’t found the information you’re looking for or if you’d like to share your restaurant experience with us, please contact Guest Relations online using the “contact us” form below

Franchise Opportunities

At Brinker International we are on a quest for top quality, proven developers to become our strategic franchise partners. This is your opportunity to partner with one of the world’s most prominent casual dining restaurants. We are glad you have taken the time to learn more about Brinker International Franchising Opportunities and hope you will consider joining our team.

Please take a moment to view our available franchise opportunities​.

Press Inquiries

Reporters and other members of the media seeking additional background on Brinker International or the company’s restaurant brands, visit​​.

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